Cuban State Security violently arrests independent journalist Iliana Hernandez

Nothing for the international media to see here, just communist Cuba violently targeting the free press and stifling free speech as the socialist revolution has done for more than a half century. No big deal.

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

Independent journalist Iliana Hernandez violently arrested

Officers from the National Revolutionary Police (PNR) arrested independent journalist Iliana Hernandez yesterday afternoon.

According to dissident Gretell Salermo, who was one of the persons with Hernandez, the journalist decided to step outside her home with a group of friends and was intercepted by State Security.

Hernandez was arrested along with Thais Mailen, Franco Benitez, and two other individuals.

Along with other members of the opposition, the independent journalist has been stuck in her home for days with State Security agents posted outside to prevent her from going out.

Tired of being under siege, Hernandez decided to go out to the street with her friends, which as documented on video, resulted in the arrests of several people.

In the video circulating around social media, the journalist can be seen walking down the street together with other people when a squad of police cars arrive and several officers proceed to violently arrest them.

The women attempted to resist, but each one was forcibly pushed into the police cars by at least two officers and then taken to a police station.

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