Cuban State Security arrests young female artists carrying out a peaceful protest

This is what the “social justice” and ‘equality” promised by Cuba’s socialist revolution looks like.

Via ADN Cuba (my translation):

Regime arrests young artists carrying out peaceful protest in support of Luis Manuel Otero

On Wednesday afternoon Cuban regime police arbitrarily arrested writer Katherine Bisquet, artist Camila R. Lobon, and art historian Yamilka Lafita.

The young women went on San Rafael Boulevard in Havana carrying a sign in a peaceful protest over the repression against artist Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara, who is on a hunger and thirst strike.

Shortly after displaying the sign, a man dressed in civilian clothes along with another individual “came out of nowhere” and tore it out of their hands, according to Lafita, who live-streamed the protest on Facebook.

Soon after two uniformed officers from the National Revolutionary Police (PNR) arrived and arrested the young women. Lafita fled the area when they identified her and threatened to take away her mobile phone amid shouts of “stop with the theatrics on the boulevard.” ADN Cuba has confirmed that although Lafita had left the area, she was later arrested moments after she successfully uploaded the video.

ADN Cuba has learned a habeas corpus appeal will be presented to the judicial authorities, to seek the release of the artists, whose whereabouts are unknown.

While this was happening, a group of activists in Cubans who stand in solidarity gathered near the train terminal in Old Havana with flowers in hand in a peaceful protest demanding respect for the integrity and the art of Otero Alcantara. ADN Cuba reporter Esteban Rodriguez was arrested while reporting and live-streaming the protest on social media.

See video and continue reading (in Spanish) HERE.

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  1. Oh, but if they’re anti-Castro, Inc., that means they’re indirectly against BLM, so they do NOT matter.

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