At least one person injured as another building collapses in Havana

With the communist Castro dictatorship pocketing cash for themselves and their pet projects, there is no money left for maintaining buildings. This is what 60 years of socialism in Cuba looks like.

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

Building collapse in Havana leaves one person with leg injuries

Buildings in Havana continue to collapse and putting residents in danger while authorities refuse to invest even one dollar to solve the problem brought about by the lack of maintenance for the past 60 years.

On Friday, the Facebook page “The Corner of Liberty” denounced a new building collapse that took place at the intersection of San Lazaro avenue and Aramburu and Hospital that left at least one person injured.

In the photos posted a man with his legs bloodied can be seen amongst the rubble of a floor of the building that had collapsed.

“These are the signs that Cuba needs radical changes,” said Lourdes Mojena in the comments section. She was joined by others who complained about the lack of interest by authorities to address the problem.

One commenter added that while buildings are falling to pieces, the government invested materials and money to construct a new monument at the Jose Martí Anti-Imperialist Tribune.

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  1. The authorities are only interested in the prime directive and don’t care who knows it, since everybody does.

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