Cubans fighting in the street over food: ‘Surviving like animals’

This is what the Castro dictatorship’s glorious socialist revolution has produced in communist Cuba: people fighting each other over food.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

Fighting for food: Surviving like animals

In Nuevitas, Camaguey, two women beat each other in the middle of the street. Kicks, hair pulling, punches that beyond bruises and trauma, will surely have negative effects over time. Physical and psychological wounds that perhaps no one will associate with that moment, which most will in vain try to forget. The damage will be there forever, hiding, dangerously brewing along with all the other bad experiences of misery we suffer through every day.

There is more than one absurdity in that fight posted on social media where two women from Camaguey fight over their place in line. But the principal one above all others is that they’re fighting over yogurt, in Camaguey, perhaps the only place on the island where no one should have to risk their life to buy a dairy product.

It shouldn’t happen anywhere in this universe, but in Cuba we have spent so many years fighting with one another that miserable acts for any dumb thing (which there are so many) leaves observers believing it’s “something normal.” That’s how bad things are here.

Camaguey is the main livestock region in Cuba with a little more than half a million head of cattle with some 200-million liters of milk produced annually. In fact, there are some who say that according to a cattle census in 1958, thanks to the ranches in the region, Cuba held fourth place in the world in number of cattle with more than 7 million and milk production exceeding 700-million liters a year.

But the province today, like the entire country in our hell of empty stores and ration books, is a Dantean scene of women and men beating each other, bleeding, for a bag of yogurt, which isn’t even made from milk but from soy.

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  1. This is what happens when people are reduced to survival mode in a hostile/arid environment. Obviously, once again, this is evidence of a failed society resulting from a toxic, perverse and totalitarian government.

    Gracias, Fidel–and all those who enabled the Castro “revolution.”

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