Venezuela dumb and reckless enough to use Cuban coronavirus vaccine

From our Bureau of Disasters Probably Caused by Invincible Ignorance

What is it with the morons who run Venezuela? What drives their love of Castrogonia, which, deep down is nothing more than a very peculiar death wish? Have they all been hypnotized? Or as they just as stupid as they seem to be?

You’re in great hands, Mister Maah-doo-row! Congratulations!

From Aljazeera:

Venezuela will begin clinical trials of the Cuban coronavirus vaccine candidate Abdala this month, Health Minister Carlos Alvarado said on Monday, as the country plans to produce enough doses locally to vaccinate four million people.

Cuba in March approved late-stage trials of Abdala, named after a poem by the 19th-century Cuban independence hero Jose Marti.

The trials are to be completed in July and the first results published in August, according to Cuban state media.

“We will be starting a clinical study with this vaccine, but simultaneously, adapting our national vaccine laboratory to produce, if all goes well as we hope, doses for four million people,” Alvarado told Venezuela’s state television.

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  1. I seriously doubt ruling class members are getting vaccinated with the Cuban mejunje. They cannot possibly be so stupid, and they can get real vaccines. Of course, Chávez was VERY stupid, so there is that.

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