Castro dictatorship desperate to quash a burgeoning crusade for freedom in Cuba

The communist Castro dictatorship has always addressed its problems using lies and brutal repression. But as a crusade for freedom builds in Cuba and the world takes notice, not even that may be enough.

Juan Carlos Sanchez in El American:

Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara and the Crusade for Freedom In Cuba

The Cuban repressive apparatus is an expert in blaming the U.S. and Cuban exiles for influencing these activists, whom they label as “mercenaries” paid by the CIA

“May my death be the continuity to the spark for the freedom of Cuba.” One of the last messages shared on the Facebook page of Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara, independent artist and leader of the San Isidro Movement (MSI), gives a measure of the epic battle for freedom that a group of young Cubans is waging in the streets of the island.

On April 25, Otero Alcántara went on a hunger strike to protest the Cuban government’s violation of constitutional rights, as the communist regime continues to open criminal cases, impose forced house arrests, and psychological torture on its citizens.

Panicked and nervous about the scope of Otero Alcántara’s protest — as it had already done with Orlando Zapata and Coco Farinas — the regime in Havana immediately orchestrated a campaign to discredit the activist.

In the early hours of this past Sunday morning, State Security officers raided the artist’s home in Old Havana, forcibly removing him and transferring him to an unknown location.

Immediately, the Public Health authorities published an ambiguous note stating that Otero Alcantara was admitted to a hospital where he arrived with no signs of malnutrition. State Security currently holds total control over all aspects of his life.

Instead of opening the corresponding investigation to clarify what happened, the official media have sponsored a smear operation against the rebellious artist, echoing a video broadcast by state television together with a statement in which the Cuban government affirms that Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara was not on hunger and thirst strike, based on medical analyses of dubious scientific accreditation.

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1 thought on “Castro dictatorship desperate to quash a burgeoning crusade for freedom in Cuba”

  1. Brave young people fight the tyranny of their oppressors in Cuba.

    Contemporaneously in the U..S. rabid radicals destroy property, try to erase history, kill and maim American citizens for the fun of it, and the leftist governments in cities and the federal powers that be praise them, let them out of jails with no bail, so they are able to go back to continue their destructions.

    Look at this irony.
    In the “free” U..S. bullies and criminals are called demonstrators by the news media as they work to destroy everyone else’s liberty, while in the unfree Cuba, real heroes are arrested and punished and called enemies of liberty.

    Are American voters noticing any of this?

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