Indian hotel firm builds 3 new apartheid resorts in Cuba, disregards coronavirus plague and food shortages


From our Annals of Laudable Apartheid Bureau with some assistance from our Praiseworthy Racism Bureau and our Socialist Social Justice Bureau

You can now add India and Portugal to the list of nations who have joined hands with Castro, Inc. to keep racist apartheid, repression, and hunger in place in Castrogonia.

Yes, yes, yet another apartheid resort is about to open, and two more are under construction. Once again, the military oligarchs who own Castrogonia have partnered up with an Indian hotelier to keep Cubans out of Cuba’s beaches. Constructing this resort during the worst plague in over a century required ignoring all precautions. And, as is the case with all other apartheid facilities on the island, running this resort will require finding abundant food, beverages, and other essentials that are totally unavailable to the natives.

Let’s wait and see what happens when China gets involved in this racket too, as is bound to happen.


Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

The official Cuban press announced that on July 1, the Grand Muthu Almirante Beach hotel will be inaugurated in the Guardalavaca spa, Holguín, a new facility for the Indian group with MGM Muthu Hotels head office in Portugal.

This five-star hotel, which will be managed by the state-owned Grupo Cubanacan, has a capacity of 514 rooms and is just one part of the company’s expansion on the island.

“With this new facility we add the seventh property in Cuba, demonstrating our commitment to the destination,” Rafael López, general director of Muthu Hotels MGM Cuba, told the specialized publication Hosteltur in March.

Gran Muthu Almirante Beach will operate under the All-inclusive modality, focusing on leisure, sun and beach tourism, although it will also offer facilities for the celebration of weddings and other events.

Among the projects under development of Muthu Hotels is another tourist center in Holguín, to be located in the Yuraguanal area, with around 480 rooms, as well as a large hotel at the intersection of 3rd and 70th, in Playa, Havana, adjacent to the National Aquarium.

This latest facility, which is being built in conjunction with Grupo Gaviota, belonging to the business conglomerate of the military GAESA, will include a shopping center within its various services, reported the state Cuban News Agency.

Cuba is the first and only tourist destination where the chain has been present in the Caribbean for almost three years. On the island, this firm adds hotels in the Jardines del Rey Archipelago, Ciego de Ávila — Grand Muthu Cayo Guillermo; Grand Muthu Imperial; and Grand Muthu Rainbow Hotel—; Varadero —Hotel Muthu Playa Varadero—; and Havana —Grand Muthu Plaza and Grand Muthu Habana.

The MGM Muthu Hotels chain, which is around a decade old, has around 54 hotels around the world, including facilities in France, England, Spain and Scotland.

The construction of new hotels has not stopped in Cuba even in the midst of the worst moments of the Covid-19 pandemic. This, while the Government insists that it lacks the financial resources to buy food and medicine, among other basic necessities that are scarce on the island.

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  1. India has long been dubious with respect to Cuba. It’s not as bad as Spain, of course, but it still reeks.

    And, as I’ve said, Cubans should not be talking about Gandhi as a model. It is infra dig and does not apply.

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