Colombia expels Cuban diplomat for interference in domestic affairs

There’s no doubt Latin American socialists are behind the riots and destruction going on in Colombia. And wherever there are rioting socialists in Latin America, there is Cuba’s communist dictatorship leading them on.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Colombian government expels Cuban diplomat

Colombia’s government on Friday expelled the first secretary of the Cuban embassy in Bogota, Omar Rafael Garcia Lazo, from the country.

The Colombian Foreign Ministry announced the decision on Twitter that the administration of President Ivan Duque has declared the Cuban diplomat as persona non grata “after verification he was carrying out activities in the country that are incompatible with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.”

“Despite these circumstances, Colombia’s purpose is to privilege the diplomatic relationship and cooperation with the Republic of Cuba,” the ministry said in a third tweet.

The Cuban government responded to the decision with a protest, using the same social media platform. on the account of Eugenio Martinez Enriquez, Director General of Latin America and the Caribbean for Cuba’s Foreign Ministry (MINREX).

“Today we called in the Colombian ambassador to verbally pass on a message of our strong protest over the decision of the Foreign Ministry to declare Omar Rafael Garcia Lazo, the First Secretary of our embassy in Bogota, persona non grata,” the tweet said.

The decision creates more tension in the diplomatic relationship between both countries, already aggravated since President Duque took office.

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