The New York Times is and has been an abomination

Reading a post by Mark Judge, a childhood friend of Brett Kavanaugh who was caught up in the slanderous confirmation hearings of that Supreme Court Justice and he credits Mollie Hemingway for blowing up a book written by two Times “journalists” that sought to continue the lies.

The interesting part of the post to me was Judge’s mention of the book, The Gray Lady Winked: How the New York Times’s Misreporting, Distortions and Fabrications Radically Alter History. He describes how the book goes into detail on such things as how Times “journalist” Walter Duranty was actually a propagandist for Stalin’s Soviet Union and how the Times promoted a coup in South Vietnam.

I was surprised that he didn’t mention Herbert Matthews, another Times “journalist” who was basically Fidel Castro’s Walter Duranty. You can read more about him in, The Man Who Invented Fidel: Castro, Cuba, and Herbert L. Matthews of The New York Times.

Oh well, I guess it’s hard to call out every disgusting act the Times has committed over its long history.

2 thoughts on “The New York Times is and has been an abomination”

  1. Yes, it is an abomination, bloated with putrid hubris, and deserves to be seen and treated accordingly. However, it is an entrenched and enabled abomination with little incentive to even pretend otherwise because it feels untouchable. The real problem is the enablers, as with every POS politician out there.

  2. If Duranty had really totally fooled the NYT into believing he was on the level and simply reporting the facts, then once he was exposed for what he was the NYT should have responded very differently. Evidently, it did not, just as it did not respond appropriately to the noxious propaganda fictions peddled so breathlessly by the execrable Herbert Matthews. In both cases, I expect that, at a minimum, the NYT wanted their “journalist” to be right. To say that the miserable rag is beneath contempt is putting it quite mildly.

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