Bread shortage creates long queues in socialist Havana

Havana, 10 May 2021

From our Bureau of Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread Line

Socialism in action! Stand in line for hours for expensive and lousy bread. Social justice, social justice. Remember what Uncle Bernie Sanders had to say about bread lines; “That’s a GOOD thing!”

Loosely translated from CiberCuba

Queues are growing in Havana to buy bread after the 30% reduction in the daily supply of this product in the state market of the Cuban capital.

A citizen shared images of a huge queue to buy bread on her own, at the Loma y Tulipán bakery, in the Plaza de la Revolución municipality of Havana.

“Now the bread line is getting good,” said the woman and showed photos of the number of people who waited patiently for the bread to go on sale, without the certainty of reaching everyone.

The government announced on Monday the reduction of the daily supply of bread released in Havana and the queues were already beginning to feel much longer than usual.

The reduction in the sale of bread began to be applied from May 10 and is expected to last until July. The capital’s authorities indicate that the decrease in production is due to “the effects on the availability of wheat flour.”

Bread is a staple food for Cubans. However, the daily supply of this product is insufficient, it is of poor quality and now it is reduced more, despite the fact that its price rose from 0.5 cents to 1 peso, with the approval of the so-called Ordering Task,

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  1. If the people have no bread, let them eat “free” health care, however lousy.

    As for Sanders, don’t blame him, blame VT voters, who are WAY beyond dubious.

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