Leftist Latin American terrorist groups behind violent riots in Colombia

Police in Colombia say Marxist narco-terrorists of FARC and ELN, which receive aid and support from communist Cuba, have infiltrated protests in Colombia, turning them into violent riots.

Juan Felipe Velez reports in El American:

Violence Escalates Between Civilians and Police in Colombian City of Cali

Police warn that members of criminal organizations such as ELN and FARC dissidents are infiltrating the demonstrations.

After twelve days of protests in Colombia, the situation is becoming increasingly tense in Santiago de Cali, a city located in the department of Valle del Cauca, and current focus of demonstrations.

While Cali is facing a severe shortage of fuel and essential goods of the basic food basket, such as sugar and meat, the confrontations between demonstrators and the police are intensifying and prolonging into the night.

Numerous people wearing hoods or covering their faces have begun to roam the streets of Cali, blocking the access roads to numerous neighborhoods and charging citizens money to allow them to reach their destinations.

In the Siloé neighborhood, there have been several confrontations with the police, where shots have been exchanged between the security forces and hooded individuals. The police have even seized long weapons from alleged demonstrators.

Police officers are not safe off duty either, as was the case with patrolman Angel Gabriel Padilla, who while in civilian clothes was recognized by people in the middle of the demonstrations and stabbed 27 times. The uniformed officer remained unconscious for 3 days after the attack.

More than 99 policemen have been attacked with sharp weapons in the middle of the country’s protests, several have been assaulted off duty, and one, Captain Jesús Alberto Solano, died in Soacha at the beginning of the demonstrations after being approached by vandals who recognized him and stabbed him five times.

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  1. I hope they prove me wrong, but I’m afraid Latrines are hopelessly dysfunctional, to put it elegantly. Even Chile was never really cured, so what can one expect from the rest? Lord have mercy.

    Of course, to be fair, Spain was never cured, either, which makes it even more contemptible.

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