Cuban diplomat expelled by Colombia was caught spying, suspected of organizing riots

This comes as a surprise only to those willfully ignorant of the communist Castro dictatorship’s six-decade history of subversion in the region in its quest to destroy all freedom and democracy.

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

Omar Garcia Lazo: A spy at the Cuban embassy in Colombia?

Omar Rafael Garcia Lazo held the position of first secretary at the Cuban embassy in Colombia. That is until he was expelled by that country’s government after he was caught engaging in activities not related to his position.

Although the Ivan Duque administration has not provided details about the expulsion, the Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba (FDHC) and an investigative report by Semana magazine link Garcia Lazo to acts of espionage.

In the FDHC database, the former diplomat is categorized as an “oppressor for export” as well as being an agent of Cuba’s Intelligence Directorate and the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

The foundation says Garcia Lazo organized violent attacks against members of the San Isidro Movement (MSI) in December of last year and has done the same against citizens and businesses in Colombia during the latest protests taking place there.

Before arriving at the Cuban embassy of the South American country, Garcia Lazo was an agent of the Cuban Communist Party carrying out hate campaigns against members of the opposition and manufacturing accusations against civil society organizations.

His resume of repression was extensive enough that he was recruited by Cuban intelligence and sent to the Foreign Affairs Ministry, where he ended up in Colombia enjoying diplomatic immunity.

The investigative report from 2020 says the Cuban was part of an espionage network that operates from the Cuban embassy in Bogota.

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