Exported Cuban beer sells for 1/6th the price in Europe what State stores charge on the island

It seems U.S. sanctions aren’t hindering the communist Castro dictatorship from flooding capitalist markets with cheap beer while all Cubans get from the socialist revolution are shortages, bad quality, and price gouging.

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

Is this the fault of the blockade? Bucanero beer sold 3 for 1 Euro in Spain

While the Cuban government continues to blame all the country’s shortages and dysfunction on the U.S. embargo, it does not appear to affect exports in any way at all.

On May 11, a Facebook user posted to a group how the Cuban beer “Bucanero” is being sold in Spain (under the brand Cubanero) and shared a photo of the product being offered for sale.

“Friends, Bucanero is finally available, but because of the blockade you’ll have to go to Spain to buy it. They’re selling it 3 for 1 Euro,” said the user with irony.

The discovery sparked discussions about not only how food on the island — or in this case beverages — can get overseas without any problems, but also regarding prices.

This was because while Cubans have to overpay for practically any product they consume, the same products in other countries are sold at incredibly affordable prices.

In this case, Bucanero beer is being sold 3 cans for 1 Euro, the equivalent of $1.21 In Cuba meanwhile, one beer alone is sold at that price and even twice that.

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  1. Savages shouldn’t drink beer. Too advanced for them. Let them brew stuff on their own. Move along.

    As for the price in Europe, it should be even cheaper. Except for people very hard up for money, it seems quite absurd for a European to buy Castrogonian beer.

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