Cuban dictatorship refuses to release hospitalized opposition leader despite claims of good health

It has been over two weeks since Cuban opposition leader Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara was forcibly hospitalized by the communist Castro dictatorship. They claim he’s healthy, but refuse to release him or let anyone see him.

Via the Center for a FREE Cuba:

Cuban dissident held in hospital for 15 days, regime claims from the first day that he is in good health

15 days have passed since opposition activist and independent artist Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara was taken from his home by State Security on Sunday, May 2, 2021 and transferred him to the Calixto García Hospital located in the Cuban capital. Some family members were able to finally see him, but the secretive situation continues to concern human rights defenders. Officials claim that he is in good health, but he is not allowed to leave the hospital or communicate by phone or with anyone beyond some family members.

There is reason to be concerned.

“In the past, the Calixto García Hospital and other Cuban hospitals have been the scene of the death of other opponents under the control of the agents of the Ministry of the Interior, as was the case of the leader of the Ladies in White Laura Pollán Toledo in October 2011. The agents of the political police isolate the person, do not allow the entry of their relatives or friends, and the treatment they apply or the one they stop applying to lead them to death is unknown. There are numerous cases of unexplained deaths in hospitals on the Island under the custody of State Security. Another case was that of the blind opponent Sergio Díaz Larrastegui in April 2012,” explained Janisset Rivero, who for years has documented these cases and is a collaborator of the Center for a Free Cuba.

In both cases, that of Pollán and that of Díaz Larrastegui, whose homes were headquarters in Havana of important human rights organizations, their deaths meant the closure of the headquarters and a severe blow to the civic movement.

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4 thoughts on “Cuban dictatorship refuses to release hospitalized opposition leader despite claims of good health”

  1. It’s OK. No matter what happens to him, including death, it does NOT matter–and Massah Castro knows it.

  2. The poor man is probably being subjected to electro-shock and psychotropic drugs. It’s a shame that Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara is not a dissident of a so-called “rightwinged dictatorship.” If only he had been a dissident in Apartheid South Africa or Somoza’s Nicaragua, he would have a weekly New York Times Opinion piece and/or editorial asking for his release and Hollywood would have made him a celebre cause, but, alas, he chose the wrong dictatorship to oppose. He will be a shell of a man when he is released.

  3. If he were a dissident in apartheid South Africa he’d already have been given the Nobel Peace prize, or something to that effect, and he’d certainly be a HUGE celebrity, especially in the US.

    • Absolutely. He would have gotten a Nobel Prize and South Africa would be subjected to even more crippling sanctions. As such, the world MSM is essentially responsible for his health and death if he dies as there tacit approval through indifference emboldens the tyrannical regime to carry on.

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