Cuban State Security expands surveillance operation on dissident rapper ‘El Osorbo’

This is what “social justice” and “racial equality” really looks like after a socialist revolution.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Police surveillance reinforced around the home of rapper Maykel ‘El Osorbo’

Since last week the regime has maintained an intense police presence in the area surrounding the home in Old Havana of dissident rapper Maykel Castillo, who is known as “El Osorbo.”

It was from there where the singer and activist denounced the situation on Radio Martí.

“Since they brought me back here to Havana, they have intensified the situation […] Over the past four days, since I arrived in Old Havana, the police presence has been increased, so you can only imagine,” said El Osorbo.

Castillo describes how since last Thursday, State Security has his home surrounded with more agents and said that “it’s been more than a month that I’ve been under siege. The police operation is growing around the entire block.”

The San Isidro Movement activist explains that the State Security operation is being carried out by “an average of about 20 police officers, there are four police cars stationed around the block. Everything has gotten worse here,” he pointed out.

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  1. Yes, because this is what they’re good for; this is what they’re about–following the prime directive.

    And that’s it; they have nothing else to offer except lies, false promises and lame excuses.

    Really, it’s better not to think of what was discarded like trash in exchange for such toxic SHIT.

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