Biden admin declares Cuba’s communist dictatorship uncooperative in fight against terrorism

On Tuesday, the U.S. State Department announced it had determined Cuba’s communist dictatorship is not fully cooperating in the war against terror. This news will certainly upset the American left. But the one screeching right now is the Castro regime, which was expecting another surrender by the U.S. on the terrorism designation in spite of its deep ties to terrorist groups around the world.

Via Reuters:

Cuba charged on Tuesday that the Biden administration has continued the policies of former U.S. President Donald Trump against Havana with a decision to maintain a Trump-era determination that it is not fully cooperating in the fight against terrorism.

“I hereby determine and certify to the Congress that the following countries are not cooperating fully with United States antiterrorism efforts,” U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken wrote in a brief note, which listed Cuba along with Iran, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Syria and Venezuela.

The note was signed by Blinken on May 14 but was not released until Tuesday.

“The slander is surprising and irritating as are the application of Trump’s policy and his 243 sanctions,” the Communist-run country’s foreign minister, Bruno Rodriguez, tweeted.

Asked to explain the U.S. decision, a U.S. State Department representative said on Tuesday: “In making the annual determination on ‘not cooperating fully,’ we undertake a review of a country’s overall level of cooperation in our efforts to fight terrorism.”

Despite much weeping and gnashing of teeth by Democrats when the Trump administration declared Cuba’s Castro dictatorship a state sponsor of terror, it appears the Biden administration agrees. For now, at least.

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  1. Uncooperative? Well, it’s a longstanding sponsor of terrorism, so why would it cooperate? Like, DUH.

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