Cuban State Security expands its ongoing siege on peaceful opposition groups

Socialism is an extremely jealous mistress, and if you don’t devote yourself entirely to her, she will do all she can to destroy you.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Police siege tightened on headquarters and homes of Cuban regime opposition groups

The headquarters of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) in the Cuban capital, as well as the homes of several activists who are members of this opposition group, awoke Tuesday morning surrounded by regime police, according to Zaqueo Baez, coordinator for UNPACU in Havana. in a statement to Radio Martí.

“Today is May 25, 2021, and since the early morning hours, at approximately 6 AM, we are under siege by State Security and national police. Our home, the headquarters for the Patriotic Union of Cuba here in Calabazar, as well as the homes of human rights activists,” Baez reported.

According to Zaqueo Baez, they do not know the motive for the police siege on the opposition, “but since yesterday, the 24th, all day at the Calabazar park and in the area surrounding the park, there were several oppressors from State Security along with police.”

“Today they undertook the task of getting much closer and they are now hiding around the corner of our home, in a family medical office. It’s typical for State Security agents and national police to hide.” said Baez.