Another member of Cuba’s national baseball team defects

Another member of communist Cuba’s national baseball team has apparently escaped the Castro dictatorship plantation and defected to the U.S. This time it is the team’s psychologist, who “disappeared” right around the time the delegation was preparing to leave the hotel and head to the airport for their flight back to Cuba.

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

Another member of the Cuban baseball team stays in Florida

Another member of the Cuban baseball team has left the delegation that participated in the Pre-Olympic Tournament in Florida, Francys Romero reported on Twitter. The individual is Jorge Sile Figueroa, who was the team’s psychologist.

The “disappearance” of the Cuban official came to light in the morning when they were preparing to leave for their flight back to Cuba on Thursday, June 3.

According to an account posted on Facebook by Ruben Brito, he says he saw the psychologist “early this morning at the entrance of the hotel and we were talking with him, I believe he has family here [Miami], which might be the case and it’s likely he stayed.”

For many Cubans commenting on social media, it seems “incredible” that more players hadn’t chosen to stay here in the U.S. to explore opportunities to play in the Major Leagues. This is further supported when a team psychologist with several years of experience and a relatively important position that allows him to travel with the baseball team decides to stay so he can have a better life.

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  1. It’s simple: anybody young enough and with enough potential to have a good future CANNOT have such a future in Cuba. The only possibility is to somehow become part of the ruling class and get high enough in it, but obviously that means being co-opted by an evil system which is responsible for the miserable lives of the great majority of Cubans–in other words, to do “well,” one MUST become part of the problem.

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