Cuban dictatorship tries to stifle human rights discussion at the European Parliament

Castro, Inc.’s well-fed foreign minister, Brunito “el Gordito” Rodríguez

From our Bureau of Socialist Parliamentary Hijinks

As usual, while decent Cubans on the island struggle against their repressors, Spain’s socialists and communists are working hard on Castrogonia’s behalf at the European Parliament.

This past week a Spanish deputy revealed some incriminating emails that prove the Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) acts “as an agent, snitch, accomplice and executing arm” of the Cuban regime, coordinating actions that are favorable to Castro, Inc

This has left the Castronoids scrambling to scuttle discussion of their human rights abuses,, in their usual obnoxious way..

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and other Spanish Ñangaras on pilgrimage in Havna

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

Cuba tried this Friday to influence the European Parliament to remove from next week’s agenda a discussion of the human rights situation on the island.

The pronouncement of Havana, which warns of a “maneuver” to “break” relations between Havana and Brussels, comes to light after that same day the Spanish newspaper ABC published an article by the director of Cuban Prisoners Defenders, Javier Larrondo, revealing an email from MEPs of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) where political actions in favor of the Cuban regime are apparently coordinated, which involve even the office of the high representative of the European Union for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell and it is considered to alert to the Cuban Embassy on the initiative of the European People’s Party (PPE) and the RENEW political group to discuss the situation in Cuba in the European plenary session and that a resolution be adopted.

After learning of this leak, the International Relations Commission of the Cuban National Assembly, in a statement published on its website, asked MEPs “not to play the game of such infamy” and “stop this maneuver.”

According to the statement, Cuba accuses the MEPs who have asked to debate the Political Situation and Human Rights on the island of responding “to Washington’s agenda” and of maintaining double standards and having double standards.

“They want a resolution to be adopted against our country, distorting the reality we live in; they desperately try to break the ties that bind us to the European Union and stop the implementation of the Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement that is currently being developed on the basis of mutual respect and equality between our States “, says the official note.

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  1. Spain, apparently, cannot help its psychopathology any more than Latrine America can. Contemptible.

  2. As for “mutual respect,” what can one say about those who respect the perverse totalitarian dictatorship that rules the miserable third-world shithole known as Cuba?

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