Fourth member of Cuban national baseball team defects

Pitcher Andy Rodriguez becomes the fourth member of the Cuban national team to escape the communist Castro dictatorship slave plantation and defect to the U.S.

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

Andy Rodriguez: The fourth Cuban to defect from the baseball delegation in Miami

Cuban pitcher Andy Rodriguez has defected from the Cuban delegation that took part in a pre-Olympic baseball tournament in Florida.

According to reports from the website Swing Completo, no one has been able to get in contact with the closer for the Industriales Andy Rodriguez since Friday. He was supposed to traveling back to Japan to continue play in the minor leagues of the Asian country.

Rodriguez, who has participated in many international competitions since he played with youth teams and was a top national prospect, is likely in Miami after receiving help directly from this father who resides in Florida.

It appears officials from the Softbank Hawks, the Japanese team where he was contracted to play, attempted to get in touch with Andy on Friday to give him important information regarding his return, but were unable to reach him.

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  1. Pay no mind. Just a bad Negro not duly grateful to Massah Castro for making a human being out of him.

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