Cuban dictatorship’s brutal repression projected on its embassy in Washington D.C.

The murderous Castro dictatorship may escape condemnation for its brutal repression in Cuba at the UN and other official venues, but the communist regime can’t escape it at their own embassy.

Via ADN Cuba (my translation):

Cuban embassy in Washington becomes a projection screen to expose the repressive nature of its regime

Thanks to the efforts of dozens of Cuban exiles and activists, the emblematic building lost its diplomatic cover and was shown to be in reality the headquarters of an island prison located in the land of freedom

On Saturday night, the Cuban embassy in Washington DC became a movie screen where images projected showed what the true nature of the regime represents: dictatorial and repressive where thinking differently and protesting leads to prison and other humiliations.

Thanks to the action of dozens of Cuban exiles and activist who came together in the U.S. capital to protest against the longest lasting dictatorship in the Western Hemisphere, for several minutes the emblematic building lost its diplomatic cover and its rhetorical flourishes in supposed respect for human rights and international relations. Instead, it was seen as it truly is: a headquarters for the island prison located in the land of freedom.

The embassy’s façade served as a screen to project the faces of several of the close to 150 Cuban political prisoners. Some of them, like ADN Cuba reporter Esteban Rodriguez, were arrested this past April 30 during a peaceful protest on Havana’s popular Obispo Street.

In addition to projecting the images, the exiles placed “candles for Cuba’s liberty” around the diplomatic compound and chanted “A free Cuba without communism!,” “Down with the dictatorship,” and “Rights for all!”

Continue reading (in Spanish) and see more of the images projected on the Cuban embassy HERE.