Human rights activists protest in support of the San Isidro Movement at D.C. park and Cuban embassy

You can only imagine how long the communist Castro dictatorship’s embassy staff stood waiting for State Security thugs who never arrived to beat up and arrest the protestors. They’re not used to this.

Via Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter:

San Isidro Movement Protest at Meridian Hill Park and Cuban Embassy in Washington DC

GardaWorld, Montreal, Canada based privately owned security services company, reported on the June 5th protest at Meridian Hill Park and outside Embassy of Cuba in Washington, DC and warned of possible “localized disruptions” by “activists affiliated with the San Isidro Movement (Movimiento San Isidro) and other civil society groups.”

Thankfully, GardaWorld’s concerns did not materialize and the protest as advertised remained nonviolent and orderly.

Between 3pm and 7pm artists, activists and friends from Miami, New Jersey, New York, and the Washington DC area gathered around a stage.

Stations were set up to make protest posters, banners, and taking pictures behind a mock up of a Cuban prison that said that “I am also a political prisoner.”

The protest that began at Meridian Hill Park continued down the street to the Cuban Embassy at 7:00pm and continued through 9:00pm.

Activists gathered across the street from the Cuban embassy with banners of political prisoners, and played Cuban songs of freedom.

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