Geneva Summit 2021: Two Cuban political prisoners featured in worldwide human rights campaign

Cuban political prisoners Denis Solis and Pedro Moya Delá

Via the Center for a FREE Cuba:

The Geneva Summit for Human Rights and the International Society for Human Rights “Very Important Stamps” campaign offer 2 examples of human rights as a single cause and global solidarity

There are fundamental truths that should be repeated as much as possible. This is especially the case when a situation arises that demonstrates the pertinence to a topic being discussed. This CubaBrief highlights the Geneva Summit for Human Rights that over June 7th and 8th brought together victims of repression from around the globe to provide them with a platform on the eve of the UN Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva Switzerland in a demonstration of global solidarity between activists and non-governmental organizations.

Meanwhile the International Society for Human Rights based out of Germany launched a prison mail initiative that uses postage stamps to highlight political prisoners and provide them protection. Both these efforts are examples of global solidarity and reflect the prophetic words of Cuban dissident and martyr Oswaldo Payá Sardiñas who in his December 17, 2002 speech accepting the European Union’s Sakharov Prize at the European Parliament explained the importance of human rights and solidarity and the consequences of their absence.

“The cause of human rights is a single cause, just as the people of the world are a single people. The talk today is of globalization, but we must state that unless there is global solidarity, not only human rights but also the right to remain human will be jeopardized. If there is no solidarity between people we will be unable to preserve a fair world in which it is possible to continue living as human beings.”

The International Society for Human Rights released ten stamps in a campaign titled “Very Important Stamps”, of which two highlight Cuban political prisoners, and on June 8, 2021 highlighted both Denis Solís González and Pablo Moya Delá again over Twitter with the following graphics.

Back in 2018 the Cuban rapper Denis Solís González posted a music video titled Sociedad Condenada (Condemned Society) on his Youtube account in which he sang about repression in Cuba and predicted his future with the lyrics “it maybe that they put me into prison cell for the weight of my voice, but I needed the courage to say the truth.” FreeMuse, the Danish NGO that advocates for artistic freedom of expression, reported on his November 9, 2020 arrest: “Rapper, activist and member of the San Isidro Movement Denis Solís González was detained in La Habana after sharing a video on 6 November of a police officer entering his house without a warrant, reports ADN Cuba.”

Pablo Moya Delá will turn 66 on November 7, 2021 and has been jailed since September 2020 on fabricated charges by the Castro regime. His offense is being a member of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) and being an active dissident. He was arrested while protesting against repression and shortages in stores. He was then taken to the Eleventh Police Station in San Miguel Padrón, Havana. There he carried out a 23-day hunger strike despite having fragile health due to various unspecified pathologies, according to his family, and was later transferred to Santiago de Cuba as an “illegal” — that is lacking the residency papers required to live in Havana — where he was held in La Territorial police station, in the Palma Soriano municipality until October 19, 2020. He was then shipped to Aguadores prison and on December 22, 2020 transferred to the maximum security prison Boniato. In late March 2021 he was diagnosed with COVID-19, acquired while incarcerated, but despite his age survived the deadly illness.

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