Cuban independent journalist: The Castro dictatorship is ‘very nervous’ right now

Cuban independent journalist Luz Escobar

After decades of absolute control and the impunity to do whatever necessary to maintain it, Cuba’s communist Castro dictatorship can see its demise on the horizon. And it’s making them very nervous.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Regarding the constant police vigilance, independent journalist says the regime is extremely ‘nervous’

Activists, intellectuals, and independent journalists awoke on Friday to find themselves under police vigilance and prohibited from leaving their homes to take care of their most basic needs.

In Havana, journalist Luz Escobar, who reports for the daily digital news site 14yMedio, told Radio Martí about the situation both she and other activists she was able to get in contact with find themselves.

“Here today Carolina Barrero, Camila Lobon, Katherine Bisquet, and Tania Bruguera all awoke under surveillance, and they wrote me and said: “Luzbel, look outside and see what the situation is outside your building, and sure enough,” said Escobar.

“I had to go to the store and took advantage to leave earlier because I was thinking about going around two in the afternoon. I just went down a little while ago at mid-morning and well, nothing, there was the State Security agent.”

According to Escobar, the agent “was a new person, I don’t know the young man they sent. Sometimes I get the same one, but this one is new and had trouble identifying me.”

“And once again he told me that I couldn’t go out today. Of course, he had no idea why, as is always the case. Simply that I couldn’t go out.”

In Escobar’s opinion, “nothing is happening. The thing is that they (the regime’s leaders) are very nervous, they are extremely nervous,” she said.

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  1. It’s getting harder and harder to sell the “revolution,” except to the mentally impaired. The shit is too old, too clearly a failure, too obviously a fraud. The fact it still has fans in certain quarters is a crushing indictment against the “clueless,” who may well be far worse than stupid. If the USSR fell, so can Castro, Inc., but Cubans had damn better make good on that, unlike the apparently congenitally slavish Russians.

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