Four refugees who escaped communist Cuba on a rustic boat make it Marathon beach

Three men and one woman escaped communist Cuba on a small rustic boat and crossed the shark-infested Florida Straits, making it to Marathon beach in the Florida Keys (via Florida Keys News):

Days after the U.S. Coast Guard returned to Cuba 82 people who in recent weeks were caught at sea off the Florida Keys trying to migrate to the U.S., another group of migrants arrived on a beach in the island chain.

Three men and one woman made landfall near Sombrero Beach in the Middle Keys city of Marathon Sunday morning, according to the U.S. Border Patrol.

However, since the United States ended the so called “wet foot, dry foot” policy in 2017, they will be taken back to Cuba.

Funny how despite living in a socialist paradise with free healthcare and college, Cubans continue to throw themselves into the sea to escape. I wonder why.