Spanish Senate refuses to condemn human rights abuses in Cuba

From our Bureau of Socialist Social Justice in Former Colonial Powers

No surprise here. Leftoids in Spain have scuttled a proposed condemnation of Castrogonia’s repressive regime. To be expected, of course, the Left is all in favor of repression. Evil is as evil does.

Abridged and loosely translated from Marti Noticias:

The Senate of Spain rejected this Monday to condemn the human rights violations in Cuba, as well as to “intercede” with Havana for the release of political prisoner Yandier García Labrada, an activist from the Christian Liberation Movement (MCL).

The motion, presented by the conservative Popular Party (PP, opposition), sought to “firmly and publicly condemn” the arbitrary detentions and repressive actions against human rights defenders in Cuba. In addition, to “actively support all civil society groups” on the island.

The left-wing groups in the upper house voted against the resolution, led by the governmental Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE), who called the proposal an “exercise of provocation” and asked not to question the processes of the Cuban Prosecutor’s Office.

“It is incompatible with the promotion of integration and multilateralism that it is intended, through a pronouncement of this Senate, to question the independence of the Judicial Power and the Prosecutor’s Office of another country, directly accusing it of allowing arbitrary arrests and repressive actions,” said. the socialist legislator Pedro Meneses…

The position of the left was severely questioned by Senator María del Carmen Fernández, from the Popular Party: “For you, Cuba is a paradise and an example. Therefore, I understand that what we have brought you absolutely do not like (.. .) No matter how much you try to make up [the situation in Cuba], whoever puts himself in profile is an accomplice in the violation of human rights. “

“Once again, the Socialist Party and the left-wing parties in Spain become spokesmen for the communist tyranny, aligning themselves with the repression of human rights defenders in Cuba,” Carlos Payá reproached.

In the debate, the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV, Christian Democrat) said that it basically agreed with the requests of the motion, but abstained because “initiatives like these suppose to heat up the political environment and put the [Spanish] government in a bad situation” .

Whole story HERE in Spanish

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  1. This is news like reporting that shit still stinks–but don’t give the PP pols too much credit. When their party’s been in power, they’ve done precious little to help Cuba.

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