Communist Cuba’s apartheid: ‘You feel like a cockroach in your own country’

Cuba’s socialist revolution has created an apartheid state where foreign tourists enjoy lots of food, luxury accommodations, and pristine beaches while Cubans are kept out and starving.

Via Periódico Cubano (my translation):

‘You feel like a cockroach in your own country’: How Cubans are segregated in Varadeo

For decades Cubans have been humiliated in their own country

Despite professing a socialist ideology, the Cuban regime has turned the island into one of the largest private estates in the world.

Not only do Cubans suffer under monetary restrictions, but the exclusive nature of dozens of locations managed by the State have turned the Cuban who lives on the island into an inferior person. It is a policy of institutionalized segregation.

There is no greater humiliation. That is how a Cuban on Twitter who calls herself Amalia Hero characterized it after experiencing what she herself describes as “feeling like you’re a cockroach in your own country.”

Hero explained how she recently visited a bar called The Beatles, located on the intersection of First street and 59th at a famous spa where only foreign currency is accepted.

“In spite of this humiliation, I decided to go there with some friends to have a drink, thanks to my mother who had the balls and left to the U.S. crossing a thousand borders and can send me some money since here I don’t get paid,” she said.

“I wanted to listen to some music and if for only 10 minutes forget the life of shame the people of this country are subjected to by the government,” she explained.

To her surprise, the head of security greeted her when she entered the bar and told her Cubans are prohibited from entering. Not because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but by orders from the establishment’s management.

“He told me, ‘I feel so bad having to do this, but I can’t lose my job.'” At the same time I could see foreigners dancing, drinking, and enjoying the music without masks on, having the time of their lives, in my country,” she said.

She went on to say: “They didn’t even let me buy a drink or a bottle of water to drink outside. I had to turn my back and sit outside on the front wall to wait for the concert to end and my musician friends to come out to see me as if I were the plague.”

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  1. Look, “the people” are glorified livestock, and you don’t let cows or pigs into nice places. Move along.

  2. And to think the Beatles were banned by the “revolution” and their Cuban emulators were liable to wind up in concentration camps for such “deviancy.” The fact McCartney chose to ignore that speaks ill of him.

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