Several Cuban activists awake to find State Security stationed outside their homes

Far from the utopian fantasy being peddled by the American left, Cuba provides yet another example of what life is really like under socialism.

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

Several Cuban activists in Havana wake up to police surveillance

Several Cuban activists woke up on Thursday, June 17, under an extensive police surveillance operation around their homes in Havana.

According to San Isidro Movement leader Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara, police cars were stationed close to the homes of Claudia Genlui, Katherine Bisquet, and Carolina Barrero.

“I just arrived at my family’s home. It looks like the police car was for Claudia Genlui, who along with other activists like Carolina Barrero and Katherine Bisquet woke up under siege in their homes,” Otero posted on social media.

Initially, Otero Alcantara had alerted to the presence of State Security agents when he tried to step out to the street in the morning, but later clarified that the police presence was to keep activists under surveillance.

“Waking up to State Security and police waiting for me to leave. Let’s go,” he posted along with a photo showing the police cars.

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