Tweet honoring Marxist mass murderer Che Guevara earns UNESCO ‘Idiot of the Week’ award

One would be tempted to classify the folks over at UNESCO as “useful idiots” for promoting a Marxist mass murderer, but this is the United Nations; the last thing you’d think of them as is “useful.”

Via El American:

The Idiot of the Week: UNESCO

This week we reward UNESCO, which has used Twitter to congratulate the birthday of “Che” Guevara and pay tribute to his speech at the UN

El American’s Idiot of the Week award this time goes to UNESCO, with fanfare and a standing ovation. Just as the Galactic Senate applauded and cheered Palpatine when he proclaimed the Galactic Empire in a galaxy far far away, it seems that UNESCO wanted to congratulate “Che” Guevara on his birthday via Twitter and remember him with an excerpt from his speech to the United Nations General Assembly in 1964.

In the video with the excerpt of his speech, UNESCO made sure to omit the part where “Che” Guevara said that “we have to say here what is a known truth and what we have always expressed before the world. Executions, yes. We have shot, we shoot, we will shoot and we will continue shooting as long as it is necessary. Our struggle is a fight to the death.”

It would have been one thing to remember in a tweet the birth of the murderer “Che” Guevara and put his complete speech. That would have been quite regrettable, but it could be understood, or even excused on the grounds of historical interest. But to put the speech mutilated, with only the parts that interest them, is of intolerable moral baseness.

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2 thoughts on “Tweet honoring Marxist mass murderer Che Guevara earns UNESCO ‘Idiot of the Week’ award”

  1. Oh, I wouldn’t call UNASCO idiotic. I’d call it worse–considerably worse. They know what they’re about.

  2. As for being selective as to what part of the speech to feature, that is totally in keeping with the exquisite selectivity of the usual suspects–they always select what suits them and omit the rest.

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