European Parliament has yet to fully condemn human rights violations of Cuban ‘vampire state’

Maria Werlau

From our Bureau of Vampire States and Insufficient Condemnations

Maria Werlau is the tireless director of the Archivo Cuba program, which has been compiling as complete a list as possible of all the atrocities committed by the Castro regime.

In a recent interview with CiberCuba, she expresses disappointment with the recent condemnation of the Castro dictatorship issued by the European Union parliament, which not only passed by an extremely narrow margin, but also failed to address the fundamental issues at stake.

The interview not only focuses on the lameness of the EU’s resolution, but also on Castrogonia’s apartheid health care system and its harvesting and selling of human organs and blood.

María C. Werlau (Havana, 1959) continues to work on her most coherent passion and commitment: The freedom of Cuba, to which she dedicates hours of research on human rights violations in three terrible areas: Disappearances, Health and Organ trafficking and human blood.

The recent European Parliament condemnation of the Cuban government recognized – implicitly – the silent work of this Cuban woman, a victim of Castroism, who disappeared her father during the Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961; and that she gave up her career as a banking executive in the United States to scrutinize totalitarian barbarism.

Free of vanity, Werlau downplays the fact that the European Parliament has not made explicit mention of the work of the Cuba Archive, which has been used by many researchers and the occasional opportunistic rascal; her ethics keep her safe from fleeting lights, but putting the spotlight where it matters, like Brussels’s omission of many victims and state crimes….

Quotes from Maria Werlau’s responses to questions from CiberCuba:

“I take this opportunity to comment on something that did disappoint me a lot about the resolution of the European Parliament that -among the human rights violations of the Cuban government that are condemned- deaths in custody and the terrible current situation of prisons or murders were not mentioned extrajudicial and forced disappearances of opponents and other defenseless citizens, including children.

The European Parliament did not defend the most fundamental right, which is that of life and the safety of people. There are many victims and many crimes of the Cuban state that were ignored. I do not know the reasons for this omission…..

… We continue working on our projects: Memory and Truth, focused on deaths and disappearances; Cuba Salud, in which we are about to publish an investigation on the business of blood and human organs; and the project on international interventions by Cuba, whose first publication was on the Castro intervention in Venezuela.

Cuba is a vampire state, which raises hundreds of millions of dollars with the export of blood, organs and their derivatives, a business that only between 1995 and 2019 raised about 794 million dollars in blood products and another 566 in derivatives of glands, tissues and organs.

We do not have statistics on income from blood products from 1959 to 1994, nor on income from health tourism, particularly transplantation, which is carried out in state medical facilities, but between the two they must add up to several hundred million dollars more.

The blood business was generated from state campaigns promoting the voluntary and free blood donation of millions of Cubans, at least now we know where the generosity of citizens goes, Cuba reported, for many years to the World Organization of Health has an altruistic voluntary donation rate of 100%, however, since the beginning of the revolutionary government, it has sold human blood and its products on the international market.

Read entire interview HERE in Spanish

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  1. As for Werlau’s work, the more crime she uncovers and documents, the more it does NOT matter–because it CANNOT matter for the sake of the PC narrative and the agenda of the usual suspects. Hijos de puta.

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