Most Repulsive Tweet of the Month: Cuba’s fake president celebrates Father’s Day

From our Bureau of Extremely Offensive Images

Talk about white privilege!

ASQUEROSO! Nice and white and immensely privileged communist family

Tweet from Trucutú Díaz-Canel:

Translation: With my children, who have already given me grandchildren and satisfaction and anguish, like all children, I share this #FathersDay our Sovereign joy. #Cuba and they give me a lot of momentum every day.

Talk about Black Lives Not Mattering At All. And about no one caring about it anywhere in the world!

Meanwhile, countless other Cuban fathers– far too many of them black– rot in prison, unable to celebrate with their children, simply because they disagree with this puppet dictator.

Counter tweet from dissident journalist Iliana Hernández

Translation: They cannot be with their children today because you have them in prison unjustly, they are not the only ones, there are more and other parents are far away, in other countries, so much evil is outrageous. # We don’t want more dictatorship

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4 thoughts on “Most Repulsive Tweet of the Month: Cuba’s fake president celebrates Father’s Day”

  1. Well, at least this time he didn’t post some Scandinavian family. I guess for him that constitutes progress.

    But no, the black dissidents stuck in jail do NOT matter, and neither do their families.

  2. I suppose the “president” is too dim to get that this sort of thing is counterproductive, because it only reminds most Cubans, who are living in miserable conditions, that the ruling class is perfectly privileged and lacks for nothing, and is not above rubbing this in the faces of ordinary Cubans. MAJOR insensitivity.

  3. The Cuban “president” can afford to be out-of-touch..”. As long as the American mainstream media continues to ignore the human rights abuses in Cuba and to praise the regime and ask for a lifting of the embargo and continues to attack the exile community, it doesn’t matter how tone death Trucutu is or how many pesky dissidents are arrested, beaten or abused..

    Here is a simple google search of today’s laudatory Cuba news. See, Trucutu, Raulita, Marielita and the rest of that grupito can afford to be tone death:

    –Cuba encouraged by early efficacy results of COVID-19 vaccine–Aljazeera
    –Cuba says Abdala vaccine 92.28% effective against coronavirus–Reuters
    –Cuba says homegrown COVID vaccine shows 92% efficacy–Anadolu Agency
    –Cuba says its 3-shot Abdala COVID vaccine is 92% effective–Market Watch
    -Cuba says Abdala vaccine 92.28% effective against coronavirus–Deccan Herald
    -Cuba’s COVID-19 Vaccine is 92% Effective, Late-Stage Trials Show–Biospace
    -Why is Biden following in Trump’s footsteps on Cuba?–CNN

    • Oh, the usual suspects will never come clean. They’re so compromised they may even think that’s reasonable (well, some of them, anyway). They’re totally committed Castro bitches.

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