Cuban State Security provoking imprisoned dissident rapper in attempt to extend his sentence

It appears the “social justice” and “equity” black Cubans enjoy in communist Cuba includes getting abused by State Security to provoke a reaction and extend their prison sentence. This is socialism in action.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Provocations of Denis Solis while imprisoned to ‘extend his sentence’ denounced

Rapper and political prisoner Denis Solis denounced from prison that agents of State Security are verbally provoking him to spark a reaction from him and give them a reason to extend his sentence.

His uncle, Vladimir Gonzalez, told Radio Martí that regime oppressors provoke the rapper to later accuse him of disrespect. “They are provoking so the kid will respond violently and be subjected to prison discipline and then complicate his life,” he said.

Solis’s uncle said that at dinner time on Father’s Day, which happened to fall on Solis’s 33rd birthday, one of the prison guards was eating a pock chop and invited him to sit and eat next to him. However, the rapper noticed a camera that had been strategically placed to capture him eating with the agent that would later be used to publically discredit him.

Because Solis refused to sit with the oppressors, the threats continued.

“The intimidation to force Denis to sit with him was so great, Denis had to put his dinner into a bag and leave because the man was constantly abusing him,” said Gonzalez.

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  1. It’s not just that the woke crowd ignores this sort of thing in Cuba, but that they support Castro, Inc.

    Lord, the contempt.

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