Miami mayor Francis Suarez on how Cuban refugees in South Florida made America great

There’s no doubt the tens of thousands of Cuban refugees who escaped communism and settled in South Florida took full advantage of freedom and the American dream and helped make America great.

Francis Suarez, the mayor of Miami, explained on Fox News:

‘WMAG’: Miami mayor explains how Cuban refugees settling in South Florida made America great

On Fox Nation’s new season of “What Made America Great,” host Brian Kilmeade traveled to a Miami neighborhood called Little Havana – a predominantly Cuban area, rich with Latin-inspired restaurants, cigar shops, art galleries, and more – to learn about the Cuban community that settled there after fleeing from Fidel Castro’s communist regime in the 1960s.

“We assimilated,” Miami Mayor Francis Suarez told Kilmeade in an interview for the series.

Elected mayor of Miami in 2017, Suarez is a Republican and the 43rd mayor to helm the office. Suarez’s father, Xavier Louis Suarez, immigrated to Washington D.C. and was the first Cuban mayor of Miami. Suarez said that his father came to the United States in the 1960s and was the ninth of 14 children.

Suarez described his father’s story is the “quintessential American story.”

“Certainly, getting involved in politics and being a part of the solution to creating a great city, the opposite of what we had in Cuba, was a big part of our identity,” Suarez said.

Suarez spoke to Kilmeade extensively about what led Cubans to flock to Miami and turn the southern Florida city into an economic success and tourist attraction – citing Cuba’s communist turn as the primary impetus.

Castro, perhaps the most notorious communist in history, drove thousands of Cubans to flee to America after leading an armed revolt against the country’s dictatorship – a movement also known as the Cuban Revolution.

Suarez’s father described Cuba as an “idyllic” and “modern” place before Castro’s reign. Many of Suarez’s older relatives had been “imprisoned” under Castro.

Furthermore, the Miami mayor said his father believed that “free market enterprise was the way to have a prosperous city and country.”

“Unfortunately, it has become a time capsule because what we know is Communism has failed anywhere it has been tried in the history of humanity … the only equality it delivers is equal misery for all of its residents,” Suarez said.

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