Russians flock to Cuba’s apartheid resorts as plague rages, but total number of tourists down 91%

Russian tourists arriving in Cuba

From our Bureau of Recolonization, Socialist Plague Control and Apartheid Tourism

Cuba was once a colony of the Soviet Empire, and now it is deeply in debt to Grand Putinia, which has designs on recolonizing the island. So, it’s no surprise that sun-starved Russians now make up more than half of the tourists who have traveled to the island for a dream apartheid holiday in the midst of one of the worst plagues to hit planet earth in a century.

But the total numbers are way, way down for Castro, Inc.’s apartheid resorts, and it is now very clear that there is no way that its tourist industry can recover this year.

And to make matters worse, there is a definite link between this influx of Russian tourists and the current spike in Covid infections, which is most alarming in the province of Matanzas, home to Varadero beach, where Castro, Inc. has been luring tourists who refuse to wear face masks.

Cubans at covid vaccine clinic

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

Between January and May 2021, a total of 88,239 tourists have traveled to Cuba, of which 52,044 come from Russia, which represents 59% of the total, reported the Cuban economist Pedro Monreal on his Twitter account based on the data released. by the National Office of Statistics and Information (ONEI).

The total number of tourists who have arrived in Cuba in the first five months of the year represents only 9% of those received in the same period of 2020, added the economist.

In the month of May, 23,527 tourists arrived on the island, for which Monreal stated that “even assuming a recovery in the arrival of visitors in the last quarter of the year, almost a million more visitors would be needed in the remainder of 2021 to to be able to match the 2020 total, which was a bad year. “

Even if there were a recovery in international tourism to the island, the volume of travelers would remain well below the levels prior to the pandemic, since 4,275,558 tourists arrived in Cuba in 2019.

The cases of Covid-19 have decreased in several countries of the world, in part due to the appearance of vaccines, but Cuba is currently going through its most critical moment, which has come to be classified as a “health emergency” due to the high hospital occupancy .

The arrival of Russian tourists could have influenced the increase in Covid-19 cases on the island, especially in the Varadero resort, Matanzas, a province that has the worst epidemiological scenario in the country at this time.

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4 thoughts on “Russians flock to Cuba’s apartheid resorts as plague rages, but total number of tourists down 91%”

  1. You know, considering how badly Russia screwed Cuba (albeit with plenty of Cuban collusion), one might think Russians would be a bit less shameless, but evidently shame is not a Russian concept–certainly not based on the available evidence since the end of the USSR, which screwed LOTS of people all over the world. As for any kind of reparations, I doubt that even occurred to them, ever. Beyond disgusting.

    • Asombra,

      They probably don’t see what they did to us as shameful. Truth be said, why should they? The U.S.S.R., after all, gave Cuba in its 30 years of “patronage” three times as much money as the US gave all of Europe under the Marshall Plan. If fidel castro with the help of his treacherous and willing minions took that money for his own personal legacy building endeavors [megalomaniac that he was] instead of investing it in Cuba, that’s not their problem. It’s like the woman who is abused and beatened by her worthless husband,, but refuses to divorce him despite your constant advice telling her to do so. Don’t you get sick of her after a while?

      The only reason the castros are still in power after 62 years is that there are too many willing Cuban supporters who for an extra ration of food or an electric fan will maintain a Committee for the Defense of the Revolution and spy on their neighbors. Or the rapid response brigades who gleefully beat dissidents and drag them down the streets in order to get browning points. No dignity whatsoever and there is no reason that Europeans should respect us if we behave that way.

      NO, they see themselves as owing us. And since the Cuban tourist board promotes Cuba with black Aunt Jemima type slave women smoking cigars and a lot of racially tinged ass shaking by mulatas, why would the notoriously racist Russians have any respect for us?

      In fact, they probably feel justified by saying, if we gave these people so much money and they’re still living in this shithole, instead of a modern country with a good infrastructure, a subway system and other modernities, these people are crap.

      • I’m not just talking about us; the Russians were behind plenty of damage in plenty of places, for many decades. Of course they always had local collaborators, but that excuses nothing. At least the Germans went through the motions of repudiating their Nazi era (which lasted much less time than the Soviet era), but the Russians are still led by a former KGB operative. I mean, it’s way beyond indecent.

        However, they were clearly alien beings relative to Cuba, so they had no special reason to give a shit about Cubans–unlike, say, Spain, which has also never cared about how much it has screwed Cubans over. There’s plenty of hijeputez to go around.

  2. The problem with crime on a big enough scale is that there’s really no way to make the criminals pay, partly because there are too many of them and the logistics get too complicated, so pragmatism takes over and basically the crime goes unpunished. Also, it’s much easier and more convenient to write it off and “move on.” The Russians have never shown even feigned remorse for their crimes against humanity, as if they’d never committed them or were somehow justified in doing what they did. That means they deserve no better than profound contempt, though they actually deserve worse.

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