Covid plague keeps getting worse in Cuba, medical system in disarray

Lucky, lucky noble savages

From our Bureau of Free Socialist Health Care

Castro, Inc. claims it has vaccinated 7 million Cubans, or 63% of the population, and it also claims that its home-brewed Soberana covid vaccine is 91.2% effective against the plague virus.

Yet, the plague is raging worse than ever, and reports from the most heavily affected areas paint a grim picture of hospitals that are incapable of handling the crisis.

And the latest grim statistics come from the Castronoids at the Ministry of Health who normally sugar-coat all of their data to make Castrogonia look like a medical powerhouse (which means that the real numbers must be much, much worse). So, what gives?

Never mind. Dumb question….

From Marti Noticias

Cuba reported this Saturday another 31 deaths from COVID-19 and 6,750 new cases of the disease, the highest figures since the pandemic began, authorities reported.

The indicators for this Saturday “are the worst,” said the head of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Public Health, Dr. Francisco Durán, a phrase that he has been repeating in recent days, with the worsening of the epidemiological situation in the country, that maintains 205 active disease events.

Daily records of infections and deaths are continuously broken amid a health crisis that the country’s authorities have failed to contain.

Among the deceased is a 22-year-old pregnant woman from the province of Guantánamo, said Dr. Durán.

The number of admissions in hospitals and isolation centers exceeds 50 thousand patients for the first time, with a total of 53,106: 16,533 suspects, 8,368 under surveillance, and the record of 28,205 active confirmed cases.

Matanzas, the epicenter of the pandemic on the island, reported 2,657 new infections, after exceeding 3,000 on Friday. The situation is serious in that province, with the hospitals overflowing with patients and the shortage of medicines and other supplies.

At the eastern end of the island, in Guantánamo, the poorest province in the country, a worrying figure of 932 infections was reported this Saturday.

Local authorities reported Thursday that the isolation centers cannot cope with the increase in cases, so they have decided to open other premises for that purpose, according to a report from the state newspaper Venceremos.

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2 thoughts on “Covid plague keeps getting worse in Cuba, medical system in disarray”

  1. Well, one hopes Cubans on the island keep in mind that, no matter how bad things are or become, the “revolution” was still worth it–because of things like “free” health care, however lousy or ineffectual. What’s really important is the PR version, the official narrative, the theory–in other words, what the usual suspects think (or claim to believe). Reality as such should be of no concern to “revolutionaries,” like it wasn’t to “Che.”

  2. One thing’s for sure: COVID is making it VERY clear that Castrogonia is NOT a “medical powerhouse” or anything of the sort. The medical care ordinary Cubans get is third-rate at best, and under current conditions it’s worse than that. The fact Castro, Inc. churns out “doctors” like sausages, obviously for export purpo$e$, does NOTHING to help ordinary Cubans. And the Castro vaccine business is a grotesque JOKE.

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