Che-Loving, Cuban-Hating billionaire Sir Richard Branson gets to the edge of space. Was Che with him?

From our Bureau of Racist Billionaires Knighted by the Queen of England and our brand new Weightless With Che in Space Bureau

Bloody hell…

Sir Richard Branson has launched himself to the edge of space today, hoping to cash in on “space tourism.” Cashing in is what he is all about. He once even cashed in on Che’s image to sell cell phones.

The idiot doesn’t know and doesn’t care to know that Che would have taken all his billions and probably shot him in the head too, just for fun.

The billionnaire British entrepreneur has never apologized for embracing the image of mass-murderer Che Guevara. Like most empty-headed Europeans, he knows nothing about Cuban history or Che and obviously thinks of the Argentine Butcher of La Cabaña as a charming icon. At bottom, it’s quite obvious he considers Cubans inferior beings and couldn’t care less about their suffering under a totalitarian communist regime.

It’s good for them, he probably thinks, and the best deal those bone-in-the-nose savages could ever hope for. And they needed someone like Che & Company to lift them just a little bit above the muck.

If he had been born in Cuba and stayed there [He’s exactly my age], communism would have never, ever allowed him to amass billions of pounds/dollars as a capitalist or to accomplish what he did today. Question: was he wearing a Che t-shirt as he rode into the blackness of space?

Abridged from the one and only Daily Mail:

Sir Richard Branson today became the first billionaire in space, celebrating the ‘experience of a lifetime’ with his wife, children and grandchildren who greeted him on the tarmac after his Virgin Galactic spacecraft returned from a flight through the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere…

…He was one of six Virgin Galactic employees aboard VSS Unity for the voyage to 280,000ft….

…Video streamed live online showed the Virgin Galactic in the air at about 3.45pm UK time, and the aircraft had reached 40,000 feet by 4pm. The spacecraft was carried up into the atmosphere by its mothership before being released so it could power up to highs of 250,000 feet.

Sir Richard and his crew reached speeds of Mach 3 on their way to the edge of space. After a short spell during which they experienced weightlessness, the craft then pointed downwards and made its way back to the ground, touching down around 4.40pm.

Whole story HERE

Hey, Sir Richard…did you forget your Che t-shirt?

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  1. All this guy really cares about is MARKETING, PR and, of course, money. To such an asshole, co-opting serious evil is “just business,” not to mention hip and “edgy.” Well, he could be worse–he could be Spanish. Still, talk about a glorified comemierda with delusions of coolness.

    As for those models, if they looked any cheesier they’d be Velveeta.

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