How America can help the Cuban people protesting for freedom and the end of communist tyranny

If you think there’s nothing we can do to help the Cuban people regain their freedom, think again. By speaking out and spreading the truth, Americans can help end the Cuban people’s socialist nightmare.

Via the National Review:

How the U.S. Can Help Cuba Protesters

Whittaker Chambers wrote that every communist has “accepted the fact that Terror is an instrument of policy, right if the vision is right, justified by history, enjoined by the balance of forces in the social wars of this century.”

He also said that every communist has heard the screams brought about by their consequentialist modus operandi.

In Cuba since Sunday, those screams have been drowned out by the voices of brave men and women, tired of the Terror inflicted by the butchers who called themselves liberators — inspired to not just drown out the screams of their mothers, daughters, fathers, and sons, but to bring about their permanent end.


What can we do? First, speak the truth.

To his credit, President Biden issued a statement on Monday hailing the “clarion call for freedom” by the protesters and calling on “the Cuban regime to hear their people and serve their needs at this vital moment.” That’s a fine sentiment, although it’d be even better if Biden acknowledged the simple truth that this communist government — like any of its kind — can never represent or provide for its people.

There are more substantive action items to explore as well. The protests spread so quickly because word about them got around instantly on the Internet. Predictably the government has shut down Internet access. Willing companies operating in Cuba should be, if at all possible, enlisted to work toward circumventing this shutdown, and the U.S. should boost the broadcast power of Radio Marti.

We should keep up the diplomatic pressure. The administration should instruct its representatives at the United Nations to make raising the regime’s human-rights violations a priority there. It should make clear that Cuba will remain a State Department–designated state sponsor of terrorism for as long as the Communist Party remains in power, and that even further lifting of sanctions — an Obama-era initiative that only served the interests of the regime — is completely off the table.

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5 thoughts on “How America can help the Cuban people protesting for freedom and the end of communist tyranny”

  1. Speak the truth? Tell it to the BBC, among other “serious” and “reputable” news sources. See below:

    So you see, the current situation is just about the pandemic, economic downturn and internet access. Nothing to do with totalitarian tyranny, longstanding miserable living conditions, a perversely dystopian system and routine systematic violation of human rights. I mean, what would Cubans know?

    Never forget the SOBs who not only did nothing to help Cubans break free at this juncture but, in effect, acted to help Castro, Inc. maintain the status quo. Remember them, for they are lower than dirt–especially the ones with the highest pretensions and/or the greatest obligation to Cuba.

    • And make no mistake, the worst offenders are not the likes of Russia, China or Iran, but those who presume to be the “good guys” and virtue signal every chance they get–when it suits their purposes and fits their agenda.

      As for Biden, only someone idiotic or senile would even begin to expect Castro, Inc. to hear the Cuban people and serve their needs–which it has never done in over 60 years.

  2. Exellent opinion piece by the National Review, that said, BBC is not the only one that is pushing the narrative that COVID and the economic situation is to blame, the New York Times, Newsweek, Telemundo and CNN are pushing the same horse manure and chief among the Pieces of sh*t is Jim Acosta who is of Cuban ancestry to our extreme shame. Listen to this, but have a tranquilizer on hand. The guy is a real piece of work. Judas, Benedict Arnold and Fidel Castro come to mind if you get my drift:

    • Acosta is a nothing, too insignificant (not to mention desperate) to be worth serious notice, and only half-Cuban. Yes, he reeks, but ultimately he’s a minor tool, which of course would be used with this story–hell, if they’d use some Colombian, you’d better believe they’d use a Cubanoid. Maybe he and that Soledad woman, another half-breed, can get together and explain everything to us–at least they’d be more “legit” than the PeoGrande prick.

  3. The spokesperson for Spanish president Pedro Sánchez, when asked four times if the Spanish government considers Cuba a dictatorship, evaded the question with answers like “Cuba is not a democracy.” She never admitted the obvious, reportedly out of “prudence.” Well, we’ve seen worse. During a formal public debate in Miami some years back, a Cuban(oid) FIU professor did essentially the same thing. Lord, the disgust.

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