Castro dictatorship conscripting young Cubans into the military to attack protestors

Teenagers being prepared by the Castro military to attack peaceful protestors in Cuba.

A desperate communist Castro dictatorship is now rounding up 16-year-olds and conscripting them into military service so they can be sent to assault peaceful protestors. This is not a regime that feels it is in control. This is a murderous regime that is desperate to maintain power and will sacrifice the lives of Cuban children to achieve that.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

Conscription of teenagers to carry out oppression: The ugliest part of the tactic of pitting Cuban against Cuban

Police and uniform military presence has diminished in some areas of Havana in comparison to the deployments on Sunday and Monday, but the presence of soldiers dressed in civilian clothes and the so-called “Rapid Response Brigades” (para-military mobs) is evident. Meanwhile, more reports have come in on the conscription of young Cubans of military age to obligate them to participate in the repression of new protests.


[S]everal residents of Havana say that officials from the community military committees are going door-to-door with noticies to young Cubans that they are being called into what they call Obligatory Military Service.

“What a coincidence that in the midst of massive protests they are suddenly in a hurry to recruit our children into military service. I will not allow my son to be used to beat up his own friends from the neighborhood,” said Iraida Duarte, a resident of the Cerro neighborhood.

“In the area of Canal, the people took to the streets in the middle of the night and there was a strong confrontation with Special Forces, who shot their guns into the air to try and calm things down. That is why Cerro woke up (on Monday) militarized and more tense than ever. I asked the gentleman who came with the notice for my son if that is what they wanted him for, to shoot the Cuban people, if that was what they wanted to use my son for. His father and I refused, we didn’t even accept the notice, and we accept whatever consequences that may bring,” Duarte added.

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  1. Very simple: “the people” only matter if they are pro-Castro, Inc. If they are not, they absolutely do NOT matter and can be treated as badly as it suits the regime, up to and including killing them.

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