Cuba’s Deputy Minister of the Interior resigns, condemns use of excessive violence against protestors

From our Bureau of Very Startling Good News

Wait a minute….. can this be true? Yes, the Deputy Minister of the Interior — the ministry that is in charge of repression in Cuba — has resigned because he disagrees with the violent approach being taken toward protesters by the current dictatorship.

Yes, This is most unusual, and a sign of fracturing at the highest levels of the dictatorship. As Noticiero Digital reports: “There is trouble within the Army and differences between the military of the old guard and young generals,” say the sources consulted, which led to the departure of the Cuban Brigadier General.

But is he a lone wolf? Could there be others like him? Who knows what might happen next?

One thing is sure, this ex-Deputy Minister has been booted out of the inner circle, but his ouster is being masked as a resignation. And he has just taken a turn down the slippery slope to punishment. God only knows what his fellow oligarchs will do to him.

Loosely translated from ABC Spain

Cuba’s Deputy Minister of the Interior, Brigadier General Jesús Manuel Burón Tabit, has resigned after questioning decision-making within the ministry and the Security Council, as well as the excessive use of police force to repress the demonstrations of 11 July, the day that began the wave of protests that spread throughout the island, as ABC has learned from sources close to the regime.

His departure is motivated by disagreements with other commanders, differences with respect to the measures taken during the protests last weekend. “There is trouble within the Army and differences between the military of the old guard and young generals,” say the sources consulted by this newspaper.

The news would also have been confirmed by the analyst and writer Juan Juan Almeida in his program Juan Juan Al medio. According to Almeida, the also means of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Cuba, requested his resignation in the lobby of building A of the Ministry of the Interior. His words upon leaving office were: “Applying the law with strict adherence to it does not mean murder,” said Juan Juan.

Juan Juan is the son of the late General Juan Almeida, but he uses the name Juan Juan Almedio. Although he was very close to the inner circle of Castroism – when he was born, Fidel interrupted a speech to announce the birth, and he grew up in the Castro family, with Raúl and his wife -, years later he aligned himself with the dissent and went into exile in Miami .