Pitbull makes an impassioned call to the free world so support the struggle for freedom in Cuba

With all the emotion and passion of his Cuban roots, recording artist Pitbull calls on the world to “stand up and step up” to support the brave Cubans on the island fighting for their freedom.

“This is a message to the world: We need to stand up, step up, but if you don’t understand what’s going on then you need to wake the fuck up!”

4 thoughts on “Pitbull makes an impassioned call to the free world so support the struggle for freedom in Cuba”

  1. I’m going to try to put grudges aside, but I’m pissed off with Mr. 305 for supporting Biden. For all of those Cubans who supported Biden [yes, we me you, too, Gloria Estefan], we now have Biden who is like a deer-in-a-headlight in front of the Cuba crisis. Will raul castro try another exodus? Already rats like Jim Acosta are suggesting to Biden that he better lift the embargo if he wants to avoid another Mariel and Bruno Rodriguez is suggesting the same. So, Mr. 305, you now talk-the-talk, but it was people like you that got Biden elected. I’m sure Trump would have had a plan by now.

    Jim Acosta video:


    • Ray, in case you haven’t noticed, some people want to have their cake and eat it, too. To put it more in Cuban terms, some people quieren estar bien con Dios y con el diablo. It won’t fly in real terms, but that never stopped such people from trying.

    • As for Cubans (of sorts) voting for Biden, there were Cubans who voted for Obama (twice) and for Hillary Clinton, just as there are Jews (of sorts) who vote “correctly” regardless of what that means for Israel. In other words, shit happens.

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