Nephew of the Castro family general who secretly runs Cuba flees island, calls for end of dictatorship

The nephew of Luis Alberto Rodriguez Lopez-Callejas,, Raul Castro’s son-in-law and the man who actually runs Cuba behind the scenes, has left the island is calling for drastic change in Cuba. Carlos Alejandro Rodríguez Halley released a video yesterday where he calls on his family to stop the repression and to heed the voices of millions of Cubans and step down from power so a transition to democracy can begin.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Carlos Alejandro Rodriguez Halley, the nephew of Division General and Cuban Communist Party Politburo member Luis Alberto Rodriguez Lopez-Calleja, called on his family and others in power to drop their weapons and start a transition to democracy.

“I make a call for harmony and for the putting down of weapons so a process to start a transition to democracy in Cuba can begin. The people have made clear they no longer want you in power. Listen to the people,” Rodriguez Halley said on Wednesday in a video he posted on Facebook.


“Don’t be responsible for the shedding of more blood,” Rodriguez Halley pleaded with his family. “Cuba has made it clear on the streets and throughout the entire country that they are not in agreement with your government, that it is a failed government that has led the nation into a health, economic, social, and political crisis,” said the young dissident.

“My family is part of the families that are in power in Cuba. My uncle is Division General Luis Alberto Rodriguez Lopez-Calleja. My cousin is Raul Guillermo Rodriguez Castro, Raul Castro Ruz’s grandson. And it is to them that I say these words and to the rest of my family and all the military in Cuba,” the young man said in the video with obvious distress in his voice.

“At this moment I am not in Cuba,” said Rodriguez Halley. “I left for fear of reprisals from my own family for going on social media to promote human rights and dialogue between the Cuban government and intellectuals and artists,” he said, in an apparent admission he supported the 27N protests in front of the Ministry of Culture. According to him, this brought profound disagreement with his family.

Here is video of his message:

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  1. Meanwhile, the former Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell, now a European Union functionary in the witch Mogherini’s old job, has basically said the crisis in Cuba is Trump’s fault and that of the US on account of the “blockade.” If this vile SOB were any more disgusting, he’d be a pile of shit in a pool of vomit:

    But let’s be clear here–this is not about Borrell, this is a SPANISH problem, a reflection of Spain’s abominable hijeputez with respect to Cuba, which is a VERY old story. Lord, the revulsion.

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