Some thoughts on the current uprising in Cuba

In no particular order:

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There will be NO MILITARY INTERVENTION in Cuba. For those of you who are calling upon the US government or the UN (ha!) to intervene militarily in Cuba, it’s not going to happen. For one thing, we have a President who belongs to the American political party that is increasingly sympathetic to the communist regime. Even if the President were a Republican, there would be no military intervention. The hope of such an intervention is counterproductive and generations of Cubans, on the island and off, have deluded themselves thinking that Cuba would be rescued by outside forces. The reality is that the responsibility for throwing off the yoke of the regime falls solely on Cubans on the island. Fortunately, it’s possible. We’ve seen it in Eastern Europe. None of those regimes fell because of outside military intervention.

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The Cuban populace should use the same destabilizing tactics that leftist mobs use in the US and around the world. Antifa is a plague on our country. For more than a year they have terrorized Portland, making it a veritable war zone. Read Andy Ngo’s book, Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy for details, but in simple terms, Cubans should dress in black or unidentifiable clothes, wear masks, put on whatever protective gear they might have such as motorcycle helmets and arm themselves with stones (plenty available in crumbling Cuba) and clubs. They should execute their protests under the cover of night, barricading streets, setting fire to government buildings, especially police stations and terrorize the CDR neighborhood spies that have repressed them for years. They should also sabotage the TV and radio transmission towers and facilities in Cuba.

Cubans in Miami talk of boating to island to back protests

Cubans outside of the island have a role too. We should be posting on social media, gathering in support of our brothers and sisters on the island, not letting this moment pass and not letting people forget what’s going on. We should, of course, also be praying.

We should not be blocking streets and highways. There are three types of people: those who sympathize with us, those who MIGHT sympathize with us and those who will never sympathize with us. We don’t have to worry about the first or the third groups, but, we will never gain sympathy from the second group by blocking traffic. Keeping a mom from getting home to her kids doesn’t help anyone in Cuba and doesn’t win us any friends. Also, Florida’s legislature recently passed a law, signed by our great governor, Ron DeSantis, that prohibits this type of demonstration. Let’s not be hypocrites by using the same form of protest that we don’t appreciate when the cause is one we don’t support.

Don’t send money or goods to Cuba. We’ve been saying it for years. While wanting to help your families is understandable, these types of remittances have been enriching the regime that represses them for decades. The reason people are out in the streets protesting is largely because of the dissatisfaction lack of basic goods and services that is endemic to the communist form of government. Sorry.

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  1. I quite agree, Henry. Nobody but Cubans will get Cuba out of the hole, even if things get as bad as in Venezuela. Not only will there be no military intervention, there will be little or no substantial foreign support for the oppressed Cuban people trying to break free. Tepid, toothless lip service is useless. We should absolutely NOT be staging disruptive protests here, which was one of the mistakes made during the Elián crisis, and it was definitely counterproductive. We should apply all the pressure we can against Castro, Inc. And yes, we should all be praying, because Cubans certainly need the help.

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