CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Unarmed Cuban protestors defend themselves against police gunfire with rocks

One of the first things communist dictator Fidel Castro did when he took power in Cuba was to disarm the people. They now must defend themselves against the guns of their oppressors with whatever they can find.

Frances Martel reports in Breitbart:

Video: Cuban Protesters Fight Police Gunfire with Rocks

Cuban protesters began to smuggle videos out of the island at a more rapid pace on Thursday after an internet shutdown showing police special forces and plain-clothes paramilitary attacking unarmed civilians.

Protests erupted in dozens of locations throughout Cuba on Sunday demanding an end to the communist regime. For much of Sunday, Cubans used their limited access to the internet to flood social media outlets with images showing thousands of people marching in Havana, Santiago de Cuba, Holguín, Camagüey, and other major cities, as well as growing assemblies in rural areas against the regime. In response, the Castro regime shut down access to the internet nationwide, forcing Cubans to resort to finding functional VPNs or smuggling videos out of the country. The latest round of footage emerging from Cuba shows not just protests, but disproportionate violence by police officers against people who appear unarmed and not participating in any violent behavior.

Breitbart News obtained a video on Thursday taken early this week of police clearly shooting live ammunition into a crowd of protesters. The Assembly of the Cuban Resistance, a coalition of organizations in Florida and the island seeking an end to the Castro regime, confirmed the authenticity of the video and identified the person filming only as a member of the resistance. The Assembly, for the safety of the person recording and those in the footage, did not identify a specific location within Cuba where the attacks occurred.

The video, taken from a nearby residential balcony, shows uniformed officers opening fire at people at a distance. A voice off-camera shouts, “They’re shooting at the people!” and, shortly after, “They’re throwing rocks! Don’t open!”

“People, please, don’t open the windows,” a woman says off-screen as a crowd appears and begins hurling rocks in response to the gunshots.

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  1. Imagine if those protesters had guns.
    The “security” guys would say I didn’t sign on for this and they would break ranks.

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