Cuban who yelled ‘Freedom!’ at a Castro dictatorship-organized rally is beaten, disappeared

In an attempt to appear it still has the support of the people, the communist Castro dictatorship held a rally in Havana. Few Cubans showed up. And one of them used the occasion to voice what the Cuban people want. Of course, the response by the Cuban dictatorship’s thugs was violent because brutal oppression is the only thing they know how to do.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

Cuban who yelled ‘Freedom!’ in the middle of an official rally on Saturday in Havana has been ‘disappeared’

His identity was learned after images of the protestor’s violent arrest were shown

A Cuban yelled “Freedom!” during a rally in Havana organized by the government on Saturday and he was then violently arrested.

A journalist in Havana from Radio France International shared the images of the rally and the man being assaulted both verbally and physically on Twitter.

“Raul Castro presided over a rally in support of the government and the revolution in response to the historic protests in Cuba on July 11. One man among the multitudes yelled Freedom! and paid a price for it. ‘Fidel is among us’ and ‘down with the worms’ screamed the people who were brought to the rally,” they wrote.

Video and other photos of the violent arrest have been circulating on social media.

On Twitter, a user named Mag Jorge Casto shared one with this message: “This is the valiant anonymous man who yelled “Freedom’ right in the middle of the theater they put on at the Malecon . . . take a look at how peaceful these ‘revolutionaries’ are.”

Asiel Babastro, who produced the video for the opposition song “Homeland and Life,” wrote on Facebook that the man has been identified as Ernesto Sanchez Aguilar, from Central Havana, and he has been disappeared.

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