Pope Francis, a.k.a. ‘Papa Che,’ lamely calls for ‘dialogue’ and ‘peace’ in Cuba

Peace & smiles

The Vicar of Christ has finally addressed the crisis in Cuba. Predictably, he refrained from condemning the dictatorship, making instead some vague plea for peace, dialogue, and “an increasingly just and fraternal society.”

No pope in the last 62 years has openly condemned the murderous Castro or Later-Castro regime, not even Saint John Paul II, who knew all about the evils of communism from first-hand experience.

Popes generally fear any such condemnation will lead to retaliations against the Church by the dictators being criticized, as happened numerous times with the Third Reich,.

Anyway, it is well known that Papa Che leans heavily to the left, so what he most probably means by “an increasingly just and fraternal society” is socialism of some sort. So, more of the same, just a little less brutal, maybe.

Peace & smiles

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

Pope Francis on Sunday transmitted a message to the Cuban people in which he assured that he is “close” to them in “these difficult times” and called for “dialogue” and “peace” after the historic protests against the Government of Miguel Díaz- Canel that shook the Island last Sunday.

In a part of the traditional Angelus in the Vatican, from the window of the Apostolic Palace in St. Peter’s Square, Francisco said: “I am also close to the dear Cuban people in these difficult times, especially to the families that suffer the most.”

This intervention by the leader of the Catholic Church represented the return of him after ten days hospitalized as a result of a colon operation, according to the AFP agency.

“I pray to the Lord to help them (the Cuban people) to build in peace, dialogue and solidarity an increasingly just and fraternal society,” added the Argentine pope, according to the official Spanish transcription of his message delivered in Italian. .

“I urge all Cubans to entrust themselves to the Virgin Mary of La Caridad del Cobre. She will accompany them on this path,” he concluded.


6 thoughts on “Pope Francis, a.k.a. ‘Papa Che,’ lamely calls for ‘dialogue’ and ‘peace’ in Cuba”

  1. “His Holiness” has not disappointed those of us who knew what to expect from him.. Still, he could have skipped the “dialogue” bit, which is what he advised for Venezuela and proved totally useless, as it would prove in Cuba. Such “dialogue” only buys the dictatorship time and the chance to confuse, deceive and manipulate. As for building “in solidarity” (with what, evil incarnate?) an “increasingly just society,” that cannot happen in a totalitarian system, as Bergoglio must know unless he’s a fool. Well, he is what he is.

    The same, of course, goes for Biden, and while Trump would not have gone as far as we would like if he were president now, he’d surely have done a damn sight better than any Dem president, let alone Biden. It may be a moot point, but I am increasingly angry with those Cuban Americans who voted for a doddering Dem hack, when they should have known VERY well he’d be worse for Cuba. I’m reminded of all those liberal Jews whose politics are clearly at odds with what’s best for Israel and deserve zero respect.

    Lord have mercy.

    • Absolutely. The Pope’s call for a dialogue and peace in Cuba serves the regime. Let me add, its even worst, it acutally echos Miguel Diaz-Canel’s call for self-introspection which is what castro always said when caught with his pants down. I don’t understand how there are Cubans out there who were actually asking Papa Che to say something? Did they really expect him to do something, a cold and evil man who turned his head away from the desperate cries of a Cuban who during his visit to Cuba ran after his vehicle asking for help? What decent human being, let alone a man who is supposed to be “God’s vicar on earth” would do such a thing? This Pope is about as far from Jesus as the East is from the West. I would actually call him genuinely evil.

      As for Cubans who voted for Trump. They infuriate me. There was this stupid meme going around at the time that they were pushing that said something like, I am 100% anti-communist, anti-castro, pro-Free Cuba and pro-Biden.

      It actually angers me that they are now tweeting their asses off asking for Freedom for Cuba and yet, thanks to their actions, we may not see this as Biden is dragging his feet [hoping this goes away] and the longer he drags his feet, the greater the inroads that the regime can make to neutralize the opposition. Already 500 Cubans have disappeared!

      • That meme was either a sign of idiocy or, more likely, cynical doublespeak, not to call it worse. Only a fool would genuinely fail to get that Trump, however flawed, would have been better for Cuba than any Dem, and the evidence for that is overwhelming. But hey, for all too many people, it’s all about being part of the fashionably “correct” crowd. Contemptible.

      • I am sure, Ray, that in your second paragraph you meant to write “As for Cubans who voted for Biden.” I hope they are at least privately ashamed of that now.

  2. Once again, I am reminded of the ancient Roman dictum that Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion and should not even give the appearance of impropriety, even if actually innocent of wrongdoing. If that applies to Caesar’s wife, you’d better believe it applies to an ostensible Vicar of Christ. Talk about HORRIBLE optics.

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