Peaceful protesters arrested during July 11 demonstrations in communist Cuba moved to torture centers

Hundreds of Cubans who were arrested by State Security for peacefully protesting on July 11 are now being transferred to the Castro dictatorship’s notorious torture centers.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Cuban authorities have begun transferring protestors arrested during the massive protests on July 11 to prisons or criminal investigation centers.

Three journalists from the independent news site La Hora de Cuba and arrested during the protests in Camaguey were transferred to the Third Technical Investigations Unit in the province’s capital. They are Neife Rigau, Iris Mariño, who is the vice president of the Inter American Press Society in Cuba, and Henry Constantin, who had his home searched last Tuesday.

“They’re at the 3rd Station [in the neighborhood of] Montecarlo, specifically at the UTI [Technical Investigations Unit], which is sadly know as the place “where everyone confesses” because of the tortures used on prisoners there to get them to talk,” said Inalkis Rodriguez Lora, a correspondent for La Hora de Cuba.

“When they were arrested on Sunday, they held them at the Second Unit, but we didn’t learn that until Monday despite numerous attempts by family members to find them. They were disappeared,” he said.

Keep in mind that reports have come out of Cuba that the Castro regime is preparing dungeons at one of its most notorious prisons to hold these protestors. The tiny cells are dark, suffocating and stifling hot, and bug infested, specifically designed to subject prisoners to 24 hours of constant torture.