After massive protests across Cuba, the communist Castro dictatorship militarizes the streets

Police, State Security agents, soldiers, and elite Special Forces are now patrolling the streets of Cuba. These are not the actions of a communist dictatorship that enjoys popular support or feels in control.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

The streets of Cuba militarized a week after the July 11 protests

In San Antonio de los Baños, trucks filled with soldiers have been spotted and the plaza in the center of the town is occupied by police, military, and State Security agents.

A week after a massive wave of citizen protests not seen in six decades, the police and the military are now patrolling the streets of Cuba, especially in the city of San Antonio de los Baños, where it all began, according to EFE.

Access roads to the city, which is located 30 kilometers west of Havana, were mostly blocked or guarded by State Security agents this past Sunday.

Although the streets now seem to have the normal traffic of people, EFE reports that it observed trucks filled with soldiers and the town’s central plaza was now occupied by more than a dozen police offices, military, and State Security agents.

Both uniformed and plain clothes agents have also been widely deployed in the neighboring town of Bauta, where you’ll find “a cop on every corner,” said a woman who had been there Sunday morning to EFE.

Access to the internet has been cut off in San Antonio de los Baños as well as the neighboring areas, while the rest of the island is mostly restricted although some mobile phones can occasionally gain access.

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