What the Cuban people are fighting for: Freedom

Parroting leftist talking points, the media is trying to paint the massive protests in Cuba as being about anything but the murderous communist dictatorship that has brutally oppressed the Cuban people for 62 years. What the Cuban people are protesting for is not medicine or food. They are protesting for freedom.

Emmanuel Rondon in El American:

Cubans Are Fighting for Freedom, Not Because of ‘Medicine Shortages’

The Cuban health crisis in may have played a role in the social discontent but the reality is that the people rose up against the Castro regime demanding one thing: freedom

Cuba has been under a tyrannical communist regime for more than sixty years. The Castro brothers, Fidel and Raul, were for many years the de facto dictators on the island. Today that position belongs to Miguel Díaz-Canel, who is nothing more than a mere continuation of the Castro regime.

During the last six decades, the island became so impoverished that thousands of Cubans decided to leave the country by raft, venturing into the unknown waters of the sea in search of a future in free lands. The United States, par excellence, is the country of origin of the brave Cuban dissidents.

With this complicated context, Cubans, for years submerged in extreme poverty and starvation, with a constant shortage of food and medicine, fleeing their homeland to try to live a full and happy life, decided to take to the streets and rise up against the Castro regime asking in unison for one thing: “Freedom!

“Down with the dictatorship”, “we are not afraid”, “Homeland and Life”, were some of the chants heard in the Cuban streets on the historic day of last Sunday, July 11, the day in which thousands of Cubans, after more than three decades in silence, decided to rise up against Castroism.

This civil movement fighting for the freedom of the Cuban people, partly driven by the many years of communist nightmare, partly by the current economic and health crisis, is not being covered accordingly by the media in the United States and around the planet.

For many respected, long-established news agencies and newspapers, the Cubans’ protests are due only to a mere outbreak of COVID-19 cases, a health crisis, economic problems and medical shortages. For them, socialism and Castroism have nothing to do with the protest. On top of that, they blame U.S. sanctions for the recent deterioration of the Cuban economy. All this is a big lie.

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  1. Lies? Leftist lies? Well, what else would one expect? It’s what the left does routinely, certainly what it has ALWAYS done regarding Cuba. It’s definitely not going to change its MO now. Miserable bastards.

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