Let Cubans live in freedom: Code Pink’s dishonest full-page ad in support of Cuba’s communist dictatorship

Code Pink’s lies about Cuba vs. the truth in Cuba

It’s no surprise Code Pink would buy a full-page ad in The New York Times in support of Cuba’s murderous and repressive communist dictatorship. It’s also no surprise the ad is full of lies.

Via the Center for a FREE Cuba:

Let Cubans Live in Freedom: Setting the record straight on Code Pink falsehoods

In the ad released today by Code Pink it is siding with the repressive dictatorship of Cuba’s abuses against the people of Cuba. CFC sides with the Cuban people, who have been repressed for six decades by the only political party allowed, the Communist Party.

“Left out of the ad is the fact that Cuba has no free or independent trade unions, newspapers, radio or television stations, civic associations, nor does the population have any other avenue to express its disgust with its government than by protesting in the streets,” said John Suarez, executive director of the Center for a Free Cuba.

The result of six decades of stifling oppression, human rights abuses, and failed communist central planning was the nation-wide uprising of July 11th. It was spontaneous, and Cubans of all races participated. The cry of the tens of thousands across Cuba was for “Libertad” – Liberty! Not “Lift the Embargo.”

Last week the Cuban government that Codepink asks President Biden to “Let Live” unleashed a brutal wave of beatings, disappearances of citizens, jailings, and extrajudicial executions that are akin to the worst ever carried out by other totalitarian regimes in the past.

The Cuban people know that the scarcities that Codepink falsely attributes to the limited US embargo are the result of 62 years of Marxist-Leninist rule. It is their own government that Cubans asked to be changed, not US policy. Cuba trades with the rest of the world, and the US is one of the largest providers of food to the island. Havana cannot buy more from abroad because the ruling elites have stolen or wasted the money, and price gouge Cubans with the products imported.

Many of the signatories are well-known sympathizers of communist dictatorships; in the case of the “former heads of state” they include convicted or indicted former presidents charged with massive corruption and abuse of power.

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3 thoughts on “Let Cubans live in freedom: Code Pink’s dishonest full-page ad in support of Cuba’s communist dictatorship”

  1. Oh, but, of course, alien beings would naturally know best about Cuba. So much more objective, you see. I mean, why would anybody bother with what Cubans themselves think, feel or want? Too biased (not to mention too primitive–they’re really glorified savages, after all). Just remember: the usual suspects are always right (actually they’re always left, but you get the idea).

    As contemptuous as I am of such “friends” of Cuba, I sometimes wonder if my contempt is as great as their presumptuousness, not to mention their perversity–also known as hijeputez.

  2. It’s sad we even have to answer toxic tripe from people who are not fit to address the matter, let alone address Cubans. They should be seen and dismissed for what they are, but they have too much company in influential places, such as the US Congress–which is a scandal and a disgrace, but still a fact. Even the New York Times, which was happy to take money to publish such lies, proffers some Colombian as a Cuba “expert,” even though only a Cubanoid but no Cubans would give the guy the time of day. Disgusting.

  3. It’s quite simple: anyone who says or does what Castro, Inc. wants said or done is complicit with it and thus an enemy of the Cuban people. Anyone who supports or defends totalitarian evil enables evil. Simple.

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