Gigantic demonstration against Cuban dictatorship in Madrid

Plaza del Sol, Madrid 7/25/21

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Even though Spain is a stalwart supporter of the Cuban dictatorship, thousands of people –many of them exiled Cubans– marched through central Madrid yesterday, blocking traffic in the city’s fabled Gran Via. Will this stop Spanish firms from doing business with Castro, Inc.? Will this cause Spain’s socialists and communists to stop supporting repression in Cuba.?

Don’t hold your breath. But it must have been a beautiful thing to behold. This is the largest such demonstration ever staged in Madrid or anywhere in Europe since Castro, Inc. stole the island from Cubans in 1959..

Spanish TV video HERE

Gran Via, Madrid 7/25/21

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias.

Thousands of people demonstrated this Sunday in Madrid to protest against the repression in Cuba.

The march started from the central Plaza de Cibeles and went through Madrid’s Gran Vía, until it ended at Puerta del Sol, shouting “If Cuba is on the street, we are too”, “human rights for Cubans” or “Sánchez Say it, Cuba is a dictatorship ”.(“Sánchez, dilo, Cuba es dictadura”.)

The protesters sang “Patria y vida” several times, along with the artist Yotuel Romero, who led the protest.

“That Pedro Sánchez understand and say that Cuba is a dictatorship. We Cubans need a statement from the Government of Spain about what is happening. Cuba is having a hard time, ”claimed Lázaro Mireles, coordinator of the group Actions for Democracy and organizer of the march.

The opposition leader in Spain and president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, as well as the Spanish-Cuban Rocío Monasterio, president of the VOX party in Madrid, participated in the protest.

As they passed through the Plaza de Callao, the protesters held a sit-in in the street, in solidarity with Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara and the San Isidro Movement, while Rigoberto Carceller, coordinator of Cuba Democracia Ya, reminded the Spanish government that “the poor are those that are manifested in Cuba ”.

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  1. It is a lovely sight, but it will do little or nothing to change the ways of the Spanish socialists, let alone the ones even further left, like the Podemos Party dirtbags. Alas, even the ostensible center right party is akin to RINOs in the US, and cannot be counted on to take the bull by the horns. Still, well done.

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